Arizona Wineries

You know that Arizona is home to 40 wineries and vineyards? It's true. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently acclaimed the surrounding Prescott area - collectively known as the Verde Valley - as an emerging hotspot vying for Napa-like status┬╣. Prescott and the Verde Valley are home to hundreds of acres of vineyards, farmed by five distinct wineries. Go wine tasting in Prescott by taking winery tours to these Prescott area wineries, located within an hour's drive between Prescott and Sedona in towns like Page Springs, Cottonwood and Jerome. Experience the wineries near Prescott or stay local and check out downtown Prescott wine bars. As the epicenter of Arizona wine country, Prescott and the Verde Valley offer a tremendous opportunity for tourists and locals to taste some of the country's best wines right here in one place.

┬╣Karp, H. (May 25, 2007), United States of Wine, Wall Street Journal

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