Prescott Weather

Average Temperatures and Precipitation


Summer visitors can expect average high/low temperatures of 86/49 in June, 89/57 in July, 82/49 in August and 82/49 in September. Summer rains, like the rest of Arizona, is highest in July and August, with 2 - 4 inches of rain each month. In July and August, when the dew point rises, Arizona experiences what are called monsoon rains. Quick, intense thunderstorms contribute to the rapid-shift swings in weather in the summertime, but locals will tell you that the monsoon season is one of their favorite times of year because it brings relief to seasonally high temperatures and makes the landscape incredibly verdant and fragrant.Be sure to pack plenty of shorts and t-shirts and a light jacket. You'll want hiking boots or sturdy athletic shoes for exploring the surrounding forests, parks, lakes and mountains and comfortable sandals for browsing downtown shops, galleries and museums.


Autumn in Prescott is one of the locals' favorite times of year because of several family-friendly events and beautiful changing foliage. Average high/low temperatures are just right for all these autumnal activities. October boasts 72/37 degree temperatures, and November turns crisper, averaging 60/27 degrees. Leaves usually begin changing color in late October. The first snowfall of the year usually happens around late October, early November.

Be sure to pack comfortable layers that can be added or removed as Mother Nature is likely to change her mind throughout the day.


Prescott is known as Arizona's Christmas City, so winter visitors will delight in seeing the white granite courthouse sparkling in snow and twinkling lights. With gentle snowfall averages of 5 - 6 inches per month in December, January and February, Prescott is an ideal winter playground. Winter visitors can anticipate average high/low temperatures of 55/22 in December, 51/21 in January and 54/24 in February.

January and February are a great time to come to Prescott. The crowds are fewer and there are some great lodging deals to be had. Plus, there are plenty of days filled with sunshine and crisp temperatures, an ideal combination for hiking, mountain biking or riding your motorcycle up to Jerome and Sedona.

Be sure to pack for winter weather, including thin, warm layers and a waterproof outer layer. You'll want boots or shoes with a decent tread to allow you to walk around downtown or even do some light hiking in safety and warmth.


Prescott rivals any Arizona city when it comes to spring beauty. Spring visitors will thrive in average spring temperatures of 59/28 in March, 67/34 in April and 75/40 in May. Spring rains are most likely in March (1.75 inches on average) but slow to a drizzle in April and May (less than 1 inch per month.)

As in the fall, you'll want to pack light layers that can be added or removed as the weather and your activity level dictates. Quick drying fabrics like fleece and other lightweight, wicking fabrics are perfect for spring in Prescott, as is a lightweight, waterproof outer layer.

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Average Max. Temperature (F) Average Min. Temperature (F) Average Total Precipitation (in.) Average Total SnowFall (in.)
50.7 21.3 1.74 6.1
January 54 24.1 1.86 4.9
February 54 24.1 1.86 4.9
March 59.1 28.4 1.74 5.1
April 66.8 34.1 0.95 1.3
May 75.4 40.7 0.48 0.2
June 85.7 49 0.4 0
July 89 57.4 2.9 0
August 86 56 3.27 0
September 81.8 48.5 1.71 0
October 72 37.2 1.21 0.2
November 60.4 27.4 1.26 2.1
December 51.8 21.9 1.63 4.7
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