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Fellow Snowbirds, family campers, adventure dirtbags - Prescott welcomes you! There is an abundance of places to fall asleep under the stars and awake when the sun rises. And what’s even better is that you can camp almost year round! There are times of the year when Prescott may get an occasional snowfall, but the climate here is as moderate as it gets, while still actually having mild seasons. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when camping in Prescott: It is incredibly important to pay attention to the fire alerts and restrictions when camping in Prescott - or all of Arizona on that matter. If you have a fire, make sure you put it out completely, which means there is zero chance of it starting back up. This is a MUST.

Prescott National Forest and Prescott Basin have a high percentage of wildland-urban interface, a mixture of undeveloped and developed land. The popularity of the Prescott Basin, has contributed to resource impacts such as accelerated soil erosion, damage or loss of vegetation, displaced wildlife, increased fire risk, and accumulation of trash and human waste, especially in areas of dispersed camping. Please be respectful. Make as little of a foreign footprint as possible and make sure to pick up after yourself. Do NOT leave your trash.

**Don't forget to check the latest fire alerts and other closure updates on the Forest Service website.**

Developed Camp Grounds - Tent & RV

There are 9 developed Precott campgrounds, all of which do accommodate RVs up to 40ft, but very few have hookups. Developed campgrounds typically have a bathroom, designated sites, a grill, a developed fire pit, picnic tables - and sometimes water and garbage disposal. Many of these are free and are on a first come first serve basis. Others may charge up to $18 with additional charges for more than one vehicle.

Click on the RED pins on the map to learn more about a specific campground.

Dispersed Camping

Dispersed camping is camping outside of developed campgrounds. This is allowed in many parts of the Prescott National Forest and Prescott Basin, but camping in the forest near the City of Prescott is limited to designated dispersed sites and has a 7-day stay limit per 30-day period. Camping outside of the Prescott Basin is limited to 14-days in a 30-day period.

Please stick to these areas to help protect and conserve the natural habitat. The popularity of Prescott National Forest has contributed to resource impacts such as accelerated soil erosion, damage or loss of vegetation, displaced wildlife, increased fire risk, and accumulation of trash and human waste.

If you'd like to download a PDF map with more detail describing the dispersed camping sites in Prescott, please click the button below: (Thanks to the Forest Service for the map)

Download Dispersed Camping Map »

Otherwise, click on the GREEN pin of the campground you would like to learn more about on the map below.

You can find more detail on the Forest Service website.

Prescott Camping and RV


For those who love the great outdoors, Prescott has so much to offer. Camping is just the start of a wonderland of adventure waiting for you.

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